Send In The Clown  A clown dressed as a police officer may appear to be a buffoon. But both the demonstrators who know her and the police officers who occasionally arrest her will tell you otherwise.

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Hostage Families March to Jerusalem Read More

 Shoshan Haran Has Devoted Her Life to Helping African Farmers  Read More

At former DP camps, children of survivors and Germans work through complicated pasts:   Jews born in ashes of Holocaust visit picturesque towns where their parents saw postwar denazification of their persecutors’ society, find common bonds with Germans’ descendants    Read More

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Double tragedy: Survivor’s nephew uncovers fate of Polish Jews who fled to USSR: Dramatic new information with implications for descendants of the largest Polish survivor group — including the family of this writer Read More

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Rabbi of 8,000 Ethiopians Fights to Complete Their Exodus   Read More

Greeks Honor Crete Jewish Community …75 years ago the entire Jewish community of Crete was placed on a boat headed for Auschwitz  Read More

Ukrainian youth and townsfolk band together to restore neglected Jewish cemetery – Residents of Kalush, one-third of whose population were Jews prior to WWII, take off work and school to give a piece of their shared history a much-needed facelift      Read More

A Place of Hope – A visit to the present-day sites of DP Camps in Germany where Holocaust Survivors lived after the war, reveals interesting memories. Read more

The Power of Soccer — In the InterCampus soccer program, Israelis, Palestinians and Africans are all teammates. Read More

A School for Migrants — The Schoolhouse in South Tel Aviv provides migrants with skills they can take anywhere in the world Read More

Yidlife Crisis: Not Just A Laughing Matter — Two Montreal comedians have a serious agenda Read Article

Era of Distortion  / Macedonia Cemetery Renovation/ —  “Whenever somebody wants to indicate something evil they use the word ‘holocaust’ /  In Bitola the oldest and largest cemetery in the Balkans is being restored Read Article

Avraham’s Miracle – After a long hard-fought battle, Ethiopian families will be re-united. Read Article

Building Health in Rwanda – Josh Ruxin is bringing massive changes to African healthcare through private-sector management principles Read article

Letter from Destiny – The discovery of mysterious documents leads Ricardo to revisit how he was saved at the last minute from being sent to Treblinka  Read article

The Doctor Who Stayed – For nearly 30 years, Rick Hodes has helped children walk again and helped treat some of Ethiopia’s neediest patients.  Read Article

The Israelis of Uganda  –  Grassroots Israelis rescue South Sudanese refugee children and bring them to Uganda  Read Article

The 28 Envelopes – A Macedonian researcher sheds light on a little known episode of the Holocaust  Read Article

Empowering Bedouin Women – The idea that women could become more independent was not easily accepted by many of the men.  Read Article

Sound of Torture  Documentary reveals Bedouin torture houses in the Sinai where Eritrean refugees are held for ransom  Read Article…

Notebook for the developing world
A surge of Israeli initiated projects is leveraging the economic potential of women in Africa and Asia
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The Country that might have been

Thousands of Jewish refugees were denied refuge in Newfoundland during the 1930s. Could the territory have become a Jewish hub and would that have stopped it from joining Canada? Bernard Dichek Corner Brook, Newfoundland

October 21, 2013 Read Article….

The Town I Thought I Knew

I came to Kalusz, looking for the town where I felt like I had grown up, even though I had never been there before.

September 2013 Read Article

Lithuanian Deceit

April 11, 2013 Read Article….

Development Nation

Israel’s involvement in the developing world is enjoying a renaissance.
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The Refuseniks of Addis Ababa

The African Jews that Israel Doesn’t want
Jan 7, 2008 Read Article….

A Tale of Two Refugees

A Darfur refugee in Israel describes his ordeal.
Jan 7, 2008 Read Article….

Pearly’s Point

Fighting the government to let my mother’s Filipino caregiver stay in the country.
Oct. 15, 2007   Read Article….

In the Genes

A conference in Portugal leads me to discover conversos, descendants of Jews forcibly converted to Christianity. Read Article

Signs of Life

Historians are exploring  former Jewish communities in  Eastern Europe’s by chronicling long- neglected cemeteries Read Article….

Kalusz Table for Seven Read Article