Long Lance

Was he a black man, a white man, or an Indigenous leader? This documentary looks at legendary and fascinating impostor Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance. In the early 1900s, he garnered international acclaim as a soldier, journalist, writer, photographer, bon vivant and movie star. But despite his very public life, his origins remain a mystery. Based on a book by Donald Smith, this film outlines Long Lance’s almost unbelievable life story.





My father  never returned to his war-torn hometown of Kalusz in Poland. But his stories about Kalusz filled my childhood.  After he passed away, I decide to make the trip back for him and see the town for myself. As I look for his house, local people who remember the war,  help me clear up one puzzle about his life.

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More than 5,000 Jews lived in Kalusz, Poland before World War II;
only a handful survived – this is my mother’s story


Neglected cemeteries offer a fresh look at the vanished  Jewish communities of  Eastern Europe

Ricardo’s Story

70 years after fleeing North Macedonia Ricardo Benadon returns to the site where he was separated from his parents.

Persona Non Grata

The story of Zoe and Julio

A quest to discover who saved the lives of  North Macedonian Jews during the Holocaust leads to a surprising Greek heroine.



Community Volunteers
Treating Malaria and Pneumonia
A World Health Organization program in Burkina Faso is testing
a new approach to treat the diseases that kill more than a
million children in Africa each year.

Clean Cooking Stoves from Biogas
Biogas reactors installed in a village in Nepal are providing clean cooking stoves and improved sanitation. The project is an initiative of local villagers and part of a holistic community development program being implemented by Tevel b’Tsedek (The Earth in Justice), an Israeli NGO.

Sustainable Agriculture
A holistic community development program in Nepal is enabling villagers to earn a living through sustainable organic farming.

Leadership training for disadvantaged youths in Nepal through a national youth movement and leadership seminars. The project is part of a holistic community development program.

Second Chance
Pilot for documentary about Mark Blumberg’s comeback as a musician that begins as he renews his ties with the Dimona Afro-American singers.

Shots in the Dark:
Segment 1 from Body Exposures: A National Geographic documentary on medical imaging

TV Dinner: Segment 2 from Body Exposures: A National Geographic documentary on medical imaging
Segment about innovative medical imaging technology from Body Exposures a National Geographic documentary

The Perfect Smile: Segment 3 from Body Exposures: A National Geographic documentary on medical imaging

A Kinder Cut: Segment 4 from Body Exposures: A National Geographic documentary on medical imaging

The Explorers
Pilot for a public education series about genetics research. Profiles the work of geneticist Dr. Stavit Shavit in Israel.