ART and Culture


Artists Shine LIght on Israeli Hostages Read Article

An African Artist in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv art dealer Serge Tiroche brings artists from the developing world into the international spotlight by inviting rising stars to partake and reconceive Israel


Roots of Success

When Ethiopian-Israeli singer Oshi decided to look into her ethnic origins, her career took off.  READ ARTICLE

Table for Seven

My parents used to meet the other sole survivors of a town in Poland during winter vacations in Florida. I met the gang there in 2003. READ ARTICLE


Art in the Age of Plenty

A Tel Aviv theater group is protesting the relentless mediocrity of reality culture with eclectic one-off shows that c ombine music, text and video


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Art That Isn’t What You’d Expect

An exhibit  showcases the works of African artists and that of Israeli artists who deal with the Dark Continent read article

A Vietnamese Poet in Tel Aviv

Sabine Huynh’s Hebrew-titled French poetry is making waves around the world. Read Article

Singing in Swahili

Former Israeli diplomat Gilad Millo has become a hit singer in his adopted Kenya, The Jerusalem Report March 2016 Read Article

One Woman’s Treasure
Sheffy Bleier’s latest photography collection challenges more than just artistic conventions Jerusalem Report. Jan. 3, 2011

Getting a Head START
A new mentoring program nurtures beginning artists.
November 8, 2010 JR  Read article….

Show and Tell
The Living Room photography exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum examines discrepancies between objective and subjective reality.
August 30, 2010 JR  Read article….

Portrait of The Artist As A Young Israeli Woman
Nava Aizescu takes her first steps on the art scene.
July 5, 2010 JR   Read Article….

A Bright Day for Women
Ayelet Carmi, Orna Bromberg and Ruthi Helbitz Cohen create images of women.
March 29, 2010

Artistic Freedom
Artists are going it alone and taking over the management of galleries
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Still Life Experiments
Eran Gilat biologist-photographer makes waves in New York Read Article….

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall
Three Israeli  Women Artists Challenge Our Notions of Beauty Read Article…