International Development

Changing the World in 36 Hours

Israelis and Indians get together for a weekend hackathon to tackle pressing health challenges faced by the developing world

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Salad Bowl for the Desert

An Israeli start-up is enabling Beduin families, without any agricultural training, to grow their own fresh vegetables in the harsh, arid conditions of the Negev desert.


In The Heart of Africa

A lone Israeli seeks to help in one of the poorest countries in the world


Lifesaving Phones

An Israeli startup thwarts the biggest cause of death for women in the developing world READ ARTICLE

Connecting the Unconnected 

An Israeli startup enables Africans to utilize internet platforms using their old-fashioned cell phones. Read Article

Golda’s notebook for the developing world

EVER SINCE Golda Meir’s first visit to Africa as foreign minister in 1961, women in the developing world have often been the main focus of Israel’s development efforts, just as Israeli women frequently have been the key movers and shakers.
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Building Health in Rwanda – Josh Ruxin is bringing massive changes to African healthcare through private-sector management principles Read article

The Doctor Who Stayed – For nearly 30 years, Rick Hodes has helped children walk again and helped treat some of Ethiopia’s neediest patients.  Read Article

The Israelis of Uganda  –  Grassroots Israelis rescue South Sudanese refugee children and bring them to Uganda  Read Article

Development Nation

Israel’s involvement in the developing world is enjoying a renaissance.
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Helping Hands

A sustainable way to grow vegetables anywhere in the world Read Article