Imperfect Spies

Imperfect Spies reveals the former Mossad agent insider spy stories – some of them even about recent incidents. One may expect to see more in this genre, but not necessarily just from Israel.


Behind the Headlines

New documentaries tell the story of Syrian war-wounded treated in Israeli hospitals and refugees in Germany.READ ARTICLE

Scenes from an Israeli Marriage

New Israeli feature film Outdoors could be the surprise hit of the season read

Another Brick in the Wall

The sound recordings of  filmmaker Moran Ifergan’s personal life are juxtaposed with visuals of the day-to-day activities that take place at the Western Wall over the course of a year. read

Pitching New Documentaries

New Israeli documentaries in production. read

Commentary Through Storytelling

Jewish family conflicts are at the heart of two films having their Israeli premiere at this year’s Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival. read

Ben-Gurion: Epilogue

A recently-discovered interview from 1968 gives new insight into Israel’s founder whose voice continues to resonate. read

Stranger in Paradise 

Europeans look at what they really think of Middle Eastern


What happens when gas chambers and boxcars are used as classrooms?read article

Nowhere to Hide

When Nori Sharif is given a video camera by director Zaradasht Ahmed to record life in a small Iraqi town following the American withdrawal at the end of 2011, he decides to film people that “nobody knows about.” read

Getting Under Their Skin

Open Ward, an intriguing documentary, takes a different look at life in a psychiatric institution read

Who’s Afraid of the Deep, Dark Net?

A documentary which explore the dangerous, bizarre and hair-raising world of the anonymous Internet.

read article

Reflections from a Cave

In Shalom Italia, filmmaker Tamar Tal turns her camera on three Italian brothers and the story of how they hid during the Holocaust read article

 The Debatable Laugh

Filmmaker Ferne Pearlstein examines the use of humor in Holocaust related films and tv programs read article

Failing to Face the Past

The German film Labyrinth of Lies shows how the Germans tried to deny the Nazi era. read article

Jewish Films Are A Change-In

New films at the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival  read article

Cinema of Reconciliation

Iranian and Israeli films star at the Religion Today film festival in Trent. Read article

Sound of Torture

The plight of Eritrean refugees held hostage by Sinai gunmen. Read Article

Fresh Images

Review of the Jerusalem Film Festival Read article

A Different Version
Barney’s Version is a tame yet fulfilling film about the late iconoclast Mordechai Richler
Jerusalem Report Jan. 17, 2011

The Human Resources ManageR:
The film conveys the impact that years of living in the shadow of suicide bombings has had on ordinary Israelis.
Dec 24, 2010 JR

Uncomfortable Truths
Documentary films at DocAviv take a critical look at Israeli society
May 24, 2010 JR

A Tragicomic Note
In ‘The Concert’ Romanian Jewish film director Radu Mihaileanu tells a Jewish story of the Communist era.
May 10, 2010  Read article here…

‘Five Hours from Paris’ and ‘Walls’:
Russian immigrant experiences furnish a romantic drama and a thriller
January 18, 2010 JR

A Jaffa Tale
‘Ajami’ tells a Romeo and Juliet story about life in a gritty Jaffa neighborhood.
Dec 7, 2009 JR

Scenes from the Periphery
Israeli Arabs face an uphill battle to present their lives on film.
October 12, 2009 JR  Read article here…

The Seven-and-a-Half Minute Sales Pitch
Israeli filmmakers pitch documentary story ideas to an international panel.
July 20, 2009   Read article here…

Demystifying Anti-Semitism
‘Defamation’ takes a critical look at how Jews view anti-semitism
May 25, 2009 JR Read article here…

Getting Into the Emotional Space
‘Desert Brides’ presents a candid look at polygamy in a Bedouin community.
March 2009

Waltzing from Beirut to Hollywood
‘Waltz With Bashir’ uses animation, documentary and dramatic elements that set it apart from any other film.
Feb. 16, 2009

Of Dogs and Men
“Adam Resurrected’ may generate the same harsh response the book originally received as it challenges viewers to look at aspects of the Holocaust in a different way.
Jan 5, 2009 JR

Unfolding Turkish Reality
Two Turkish filmmakers confront discrimination against the Kurdish minority through observational storytelling.
Jan 2009 DOX

Close Encounters of the Therapeutic Kind
What accounts for the success of the ‘In Treatment’ tv series, based on the therapist-patient relationship?
May 26, 2008 JR

Children of the Sun
‘Children of the Sun’ uses home movies and present-day interviews to deconstruct the kibbutz way of life.
April 14 2008 JR  Read article here…

Making the Cut
With films like ‘Beaufort’, ‘JellyFish’ and ‘The Band’s Visit’, Israeli cinema comes of age.
February 18, 2008 Read article here…
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Getting Into the Emotional Space
‘Desert Brides’ presents a candid look at polygamy in a Bedouin community.
March 2009  Read article here…

Waltzing from Beirut to Hollywood
‘Waltz With Bashir’ uses animation, documentary and dramatic elements that set it apart from any other film.
Feb. 16, 2009  Read article here…